Free MP3 of Peter Ware's String Octet Kabah 1st movement

 ANCIENT EVENINGS: "The orchestra reveled in the evocative and passionate passages of the musical epic." -The London Free Press. 

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"The music wins you over with its marvellous stillness."  -The Toronto Star

SYMPHONY NO. 1 Ancient Evenings

"The  orchestra  revelled in the evocative and passionate passages of the musical epic, which describes the visit of a hero's soul to his own funeral and a re- visiting of his life."  -The London Free Press

SYMPHONY NO. 1 Ancient Evenings
Influences of at least two composers from earlier in this century were recognizable.  Taps and the theme of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony were effectively quoted, in a manner of Charles Ives, to set the scene of the funeral described by the music.  Bela Bartok's approaches to structure and linear writing were also evident."  -Virginia Pilot

"a highly dramatic, even declamatory piece in two movements each of which builds to a grand rhetorical climax before ending.  Unafraid of the label romantic, his idiom is openly communicative and emotional.  He seems  to be a composer of genuine originality and real talent."  -The Cleveland Plain

"Plaudits are due Conta for his choice of the evening's opening work, The Fire From Within by Peter Ware.  This was an accessible and serious contemporary piece, based on an Indian Legend, that spock in its slow and sonorous language of a mysterious and profound psychic experience"  -The Leader-Post

"From the arresting opening of the bass drums thundering at either side of the stage, the music weaved a haunting spell."   -The Leader Post

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