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The Raw and the Cooked : Introduction to a Science of Mythology by Claude Levi-Strauss, John Weightman (Translator), Doreen Weightman (Translator) go to order
This is an exceptional book written in a musical form about mythology in the Americas.  The introduction is a must read for all composers and theorists. 

Philosophy Books

The Stranger  by Albert Camus, Matthew Ward (Translator)
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The Plague by Albert Camus, Stuart Gilbert (Translator)
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The Fall by Albert Camus, Justin O'Brien (Translator)
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These are exceptional books, presenting the three predominant philosophies of the 20th century in allegory form.  They are a must read as we head into the 21 century.  They each present a philosophy, existential philosophy in The Stranger, the philosophy of the absurd in The Plague, and life beyond the absurd in The Fall.

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